About The Club

The Sycamore Pheasant Club was first established in 1951, as a private hunting club.  A small group of friends used the Todd farm to hunt the pheasant, and revel in each other’s stories. 

Charity Shoots have raised monies for local philanthropies on our grounds.

The club remained private until the popularity of Sporting Clays encouraged the club to build a course and open the course to the public on occasion.  The clubhouse was built in 1992 and remained the only structure on the property until the outdoor pavilion was built in 2016. 

Shooting Trap on the grounds in the “early days” of the Club before the new Clubhouse was built.

These buildings allowed the club to move beyond the shooting sports, and become a venue for corporate outings, weddings, and many more special events.  After years of the club being open to the public on Sunday’s throughout the summer, 2019 is the very first year that the club has offered open memberships to the public.  Sycamore Sporting Clays has a long and storied history, and we are thrilled to open up our club to new members, so they can be a part of it’s future.