Q:   Must I be a member to shoot at Sycamore Sporting Clays?

A:    No.  Sycamore Sporting Clays is open to both members and the public during normal hours of operation.

Q:   What is the membership cost to join Sycamore Sporting Clays?

A:    Renewal memberships for 2023 are $200 individual; $300 family; $150 for senior; and $500 corporate.  First time memberships for 2023 are $250 individual; $375 family; $175 senior; and $600 corporate.

Q:   What does my membership entitle me to?

A:   A $10 discount each time you shoot both 100 clays and/or 50 super sporting clays.

  • Subject to COVID restrictions…During the shooting year there will be at least three Wednesdays (most likely the 2nd Wednesday of the month) where members and their guests will be allowed open shooting, at regular price, from 3:00 p.m.  to 6:00 p.m. followed by hors d’oeuvres and libations on the house.  (dates to be determined and subject to COVID.)
  • A member thank you weekend in October, with shooting at regular price, with accompanying complimentary luncheon. (Date to be announced and subject to COVID.)

Q:   What does a corporate membership entitle a member to?

A:    Up to 5 persons all affiliated with the corporation have member pricing and the corporation may bring up to 10 guests at any time to shoot at member rate.

Q:   Can a member bring unlimited guests?

A:    Yes, however the guests pay at non-member rates.

Q:   Must I be a member of NRA or have sponsor to apply for membership?

A:    No, neither NRA membership nor sponsor is required. However, a reference would be helpful.

Q:   What are Sycamore Sporting Clays’ normal hours of operation?

A:    Thursday through Sunday beginning in Mid-April 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Ending Mid-December. The club is closed on Easter & Mother’s Day. Please visit our Events Calendar Page for more details on the club’s special events and any dates the club will be closed.

Q:   What are Sycamore Sporting Clays’ daily shooting fees?

A:    $40 100 targets for members, and $50 for guests, 50 target super sporting $20 for members $30 guests. Shooter may shoot fewer targets (i.e., 50 regular targets ½ price).

Q:   Do you rent guns and sell shotgun shells?

A:    We sell 12 and 20 gauge shotgun shells, but do not have rental guns.  Shotgun shells are sold at market price.  No shot greater than 7½ is permitted at Sycamore Shooting Clays.

Q:   May I bring or do I need a cart to shoot at Sycamore Sporting Clays?

A:    Yes, you may bring a cart.  However, certain stations are not accessible by cart.  The Sycamore is a walking course.  Our clubhouse, pavilion and parking lot are located near the center of the sporting courses.

Q:   Do you have a NSCA certified instructor available for instruction?

A:    Yes, we have 1 NSCA certified instructors available: 

Brad Burkhalter, NSCA #691755, Brad is available both weekdays and weekends and is a Sycamore member. Cell phone/text (513) 378-9335, email brad_burkhalter@yahoo.com.

You will need to reserve and arrange ahead of time for lessons.

Q:   Do I need reservations to shoot at Sycamore Sporting Clays?

A:    No, Walk In’s are welcome, However,  reservations are always appreciated and helpful for us to serve you better, especially if you are bringing a group.

Q:   How should I make reservations or get information?

A: Text or phone John Tiffany, Manager, at 513-646-9655, or email him at jctiffany@sycamoresportingclays.club

Text or phone Wally Heffner, Consultant, at 513-477-7689, or email him at rheffner@sycamoresportingclays.club

Email Gest Hodge at ghodge@sycamoresportingclays.club

Text or phone David Todd, Owner, at 513-260-6511, or email him at dtodd@sycamoresportingclays.club

Q:   How do I find directions to the Club?

A:    Click on this link Google Maps link to Sycamore Sporting Clays

Q:   How do I leave a Review on Google Maps for Sycamore Sporting Clays and the event venue?

A:    Thank you for your reviews. We love having your feedback! You can leave a review by clicking on this link for Sycamore (5) star review

Q:     Do you have a required caterer for an event at Sycamore Sporting Clays?

A:    No, Sycamore Sporting Clays is an open food serve venue.  We do have someone that has catered multiple events at the facility.  Contact information can be provided upon request.

Q:   What forms of payment do you accept?

A:    At the present time, Sycamore Sporting Clays accepts cash or checks only – NO CREDIT CARDS as we have no way of processing them.

Q:   Do you plan to observe COVID requirements?

A:    Yes we do, see CDC published guidelines.

Q:   Tell me about your new courses.

A:    Sycamore Sporting Clays has 2 courses:

  • 100 Target Valley
  • 100 Target Hillside

Q:   What is minimum age to shoot at Sycamore Sporting Club?

A:    None, however, the youth must be accompanied by a responsible adult and physically able to handle a shotgun.  Youth under age 18 or attending college shoot at ½ price when with an adult.

Q:   Do you host non-shooting events?

A:    Yes.  Sycamore Sporting Clays has hosted corporate meetings, family outings, weddings, graduation parties, rehearsal dinners, showers of all types, church, and school functions.